Migraine Relief with Green Color Therapy Glasses

Woman Wearing Green Migraine Relief Glasses

Migraine Relief with Green Color Therapy Glasses

Woman Wearing Green Migraine Relief Glasses

According to the American Migraine Foundation, Migraines affect more than 1 billion people worldwide. If you’re one of them, you know just how debilitating migraine attacks can be and why research into new treatments is necessary. 

While there is no cure for migraines, there are a variety of treatments to help reduce the symptoms of migraines and manage the pain caused by this condition.

Most Common Migraine Symptoms

  1.       Severe Head & Neck Pain
  2.       Light Sensitivity (Photophobia)
  3.       Nausea
  4.       Fatigue
  5.       Noise Sensitivity

One of the most promising treatments to reduce the symptom of light sensitivity comes in the form of green light therapy. 

It may seem counterproductive, but research suggests that colored light therapy may help reduce the intensity of migraine attacks.

Chromotherapy (color therapy) and Phototherapy (light therapy) have been practiced from thousands of years dating back to the times of Ancient Egyptians. Only in recent years, have researchers started studying its effectiveness on physical and mental health conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or even psoriasis.

Green Color Therapy Glasses are an affordable and convenient tool to try green light therapy for migraine relief. 

Light Sensitivity

Light Sensitivity & Migraines

Photophobia, also known as light sensitivity, affects 60% of people that suffer from migraines. This is way most people who are suffering from a migraine attack prefer to stay inside in a dark room.

While light sensitivity may not seem as debilitating as the severe head pain brought on by migraines, it can still cause you to pause life as it can limit your ability to interact with others or even leave your house until the pain is relieved.

Bright or flashing lights may even trigger a migraine in some cases. During an attack, you may feel that lights are brighter than normal.

Exposure to bright light during a migraine attack can worsen the migraine itself. Researchers believe that receptors on the retina of the eye (called photoreceptors) detect light and transmit signals to the cerebral cortex of the brain, where migraine pain is perceived.

Blue light emitted from electronics, such as your computer or phone, may lead to a greater perception of pain and throbbing and even enhanced spreading of headache pain across the brain. 

It has also been known to trigger migraines which increased the popularity of glasses that can block out blue light have become more popular in recent years.

Screen Glare Headache

How Does Green Color Therapy Relieve Migraines?

During the last decade, several research groups and universities have started to turn their attention to the benefits of green light therapy and have seen promising results.

A study published in 2016 by the scientific journal, Brain, had almost 80 percent of the participants report intensified symptoms with every color light except green, which only affected half as many. 

While 20 percent of participants reported that green light reduced migraine pain.

Picture of a Woman Wearing Green Color Therapy Glasses Inside

The findings suggested that at low intensities and filtering out all other light that green light less likely to exacerbate migraine attacks and may lessen the intensity of light sensitivity.

In 2018 the medical journal, Pain, published a study where researchers analyzed the effects of colored light on 120 people.

The results showed that exposure to white, blue, amber, and red light exacerbated pain in about 80 percent of participants experiencing an active migraine attack, while green light only made the pain worse in 40 percent of this group.

Researchers have concluded that green light does not activate retinal pathways as much as other light rays, so it is less likely to induce a migraine. In addition, you are less likely to experience light sensitivity to green light during a migraine attack.

Green Migraine Glasses vs Green Boxes

There are a variety of Green Light Treatments currently available to those who suffer from migraines, one of the more popular being Green Light Boxes.  

While the boxes can be effective, they aren’t cheap and also can’t be carried with you to assist whenever a migraine strikes. 

Green Therapy Glasses

Green Light Boxes

Wearing Green Light Therapy Glasses is a convenient way to receive the benefits of light therapy while not hindering your day. 

These glasses can easily be worn while at work, playing with your kids, or even traveling. Migraines keep you in a dark room; the treatment should allow you the freedom to keep living your life.

Give Them A Try!

Green Light Therapy may offer hope to the 1 billion people suffering from migraines worldwide.

While the research is still limited, the initial studies have shown promising results on the effect of green light in reducing light sensitivity.

As researchers continue to study color light therapy on humans additional mental and physical relief is being found for each color. Currently, Color Therapy Glasses are offered in 10 unique colors that all offer their own benefits.