Whether you’re new to cleansing your home using smudging rituals or are a seasoned cleanser looking for some variety, these Smudge Kits are perfect for you. 

Palo Santo and Sage are representative of the Earth, and focus on grounding, energizing, and transforming. Don’t worry if you are a smudging beginner. A detailed instruction manual and Guide to Smudging is included with every order. These kits have everything you need to seize back the lost energies of your daily life!

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These mood glasses, also known as chromotherapy glasses, will provide you with a variety of mental and physical health benefits. 

They can balance your mood to help cope with anxiety, defeat writer’s block, improve sociability, reduce migraine pain, lower heart rate, and more. Each color affects the brain in a unique way due to differences in wavelengths. Wear for 10-30 minutes a day to feel the difference!

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We know your spa routine is the best part of your day!

With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to nourish and rejuvenate your skin, each of our super-soft aloe socks and moisturizing gloves offers a mini spa experience. Purple Canyon gives you the healing power of nature with our cozy Spa Socks & Gloves Set. Created with comfort and luxury in mind, our comfy moisturizing spa socks and aloe gloves provide support and luxury to your feet unlike any other.